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L’Escala has a rich heritage which was accumulated over the centuries: ranging from the necropolis of the first settlers in Vilanera, to the Greek and Roman cities of Empúries, the Alfolí de la Sal and the Maritime Cemetery, not forgetting its maritime and fishing heritage and the legacy of the writer, Víctor Català. Come and find out about it all at its museums!


The Salt Festival is held on the beach of the former port of L’Escala on the third Saturday of September, around the time of the autumn equinox, when the sardine fishing season finished, the families of fishermen who went to sell things on other beaches along the coast returned and preparations for the grape gathering started.

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L’Escala is one of the most attractive, unique towns on the Costa Brava. Now, thanks to careful, respectful signposting, the main points of heritage interest in the town are displayed. The route enables you to see the various buildings, monuments and significant spaces in l’Escala as well as getting to know all the corners, characters and moments that talk of the history, the life and the values of this maritime town. We encourage you to become yet another L’Escala inhabitant.


Publications on sale at the Anchovy and the Salt Museum and at the Alfolí de la Sal – L’Escala Museum